NewsPicks Roundtable: The Bitcoin Era

Naysayers and Cassandras forecast a crash to rival the housing crisis of 2008. Optimists -- or simply those with a long position -- say Bitcoin could reach $1 million valuation. The world of finance will never be the same. Or will it? We asked three of NewsPicks’ smartest Pickers to give us their thoughts on the meteoric rise -- and possible fall -- of cryptocurrencies.
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Earlier this month, Vanguard Group, which manages nearly $5 trillion, announced that it will use blockchain technology to improve the delivery of market prices for its index funds and other assets.

To me, this epitomizes both the promise ...
Bitcoin is only a small piece of it. This past year, almost half the nation's millennials took part in a vast movement away from banks and into self-controlled and fluid financial exchanges, swapping $17.6 billion on Venmo -- yes, that&...
For much of the early 90s, AOL floppy disks, then CDs, were more common than cockroaches in New York City. To AOL’s credit, their incessant junk mail put millions of Americans online. Yet, they weren’t really online. Using dial-up modems, t...
Bitcoin: FOMO, Free Markets, and the Fake News.

I’m credited with inventing the term FOMO (Google that, if you’re a skeptic). After years of hard work to conquer my fear of missing out, however, I’ve completely fallen off the wagon. The c...
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